Amina Technologies Ltd is a developer and manufacturer of completely invisible loudspeaker panels that are build into walls, ceilings and furnishings in both residential and commercial designs. With the help of BEDG we have made many new contacts with US designers and architects at the New York ICFF show 2010, which we would never have been able to do on our own. We further got a lot of attention from design competitions and Green Designers. BEDG has afforded Amina a huge window into the world.

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China International Creative Design Forum 2012

09.11.2012 - 13.11.2012

The British European Design Group’s 2012 Outward Mission to the China International Creative Design Week 2012

Sustainability -
The British European Design Group at the China Creative Design Week 2012

可持续发展 -

China International Creative Design Forum
Qingdao, November 12th - 13th

‘Created in Britain - Created to last’ Seminar in collaboration with the Qingdao Industrial Design Association
Qingdao, November 10th

Matching British Creative Excellence with Chinese Manufacturing Power -
The Route to Success for British Creative Businesses in China: The British European Design Group’s 2012 Outward Mission to the China Creative Design Week 2012

After the British European Design Group’s successful seminar debut on branding and marketing strategies of international and national brands at the 2011 China Creative Design Week in Chengdu and Beijing organised by CCPIT – the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade -, the London based organisation was again invited to participate at the 2012 event.

The main focus of the 2012 China Creative Design Week held in Qingdao and Beijing was to look at the Western world definition of green design and sustainable development for a new consumer culture. Thirty international speakers from leading American, European, Asian and Chinese design organisations, associations and companies addressed a select audience of more than 350 professional delegates at the high profile Forum in Qingdao.

The subsequent, smaller Creative Design Seminar in Beijing still attracted well over 150 attendees from commerce, manufacturing, higher academic education and key government departments.

Both events were followed by very targeted one-to-one meetings between the British delegates and members of the Chinese audience seeking to develop business relationships with UK companies.

Exclusively for the UK participants, the CCPIT programme in Qingdao was preceded by the UK-China Design Seminar ‘Created in Britain – Created to Last / Achieved in Qingdao-Achieved by Wisdom’ and ‘Meet the Manufacturers’ event on Saturday, November 10th.  The event was jointly organised and sponsored by the Qingdao Industrial Design Association (QIDA), the British European Design Group and Priestmangoode China and supported by United Kingdom Trade & Investment, who also co-hosted the evening reception.

The afternoon seminar session brought together some of the largest corporations in the Shandong Province with headquarters in Qingdao, such as the electronics and household appliance manufacturers Haier and Hisense, CSR Sifang, China’s national train and rolling stock manufacturer, for whom the UK Design Consultancy Priestmangoode is designing the PRC’s bullet train, electrical appliances and electric cars manufacturer Aucma Co, the Qingdao subsidiary of automobile manufacturer FAW Jiefang Automobile Co. one of Qingdao’s top then enterprises, Kingking, one of the world’s largest candle producers, top manufacturers from the garment, footwear, furniture and yacht building industries, the heads of the design faculties of the renowned Qingdao University  and advertising agencies like Qingdao Black Ant Advertising Company, one of Qingdao’s key agencies, who have just been appointed by the Qingdao Municipality to undertake the branding of the 2014 International Horticultural Exhibition to be held in this vitally important coastal city.

Visits to the Creative 100 Park, Qingdao’s new creative industries complex, the Olympic Sailing Centre and the world famous Qingdao Bear Museum rounded up this highly successful event and deepened the positive impression of the British delegates of the huge collaboration potential with Qingdao based enterprises.


Qingdao, PRC


  • 黑佐. 埃奇. 阿格雷 - 奥尔良斯 / HAZEL EKI AGGREY-ORLEANS
  • 朱莉娅. 博里 / JULIA BORRIE
  • 凯琳-比特. 菲力普斯 / KARIN-BEATE PHILLIPS
  • 罗汉.克拉克 / ROHAN CLARKE
  • 徳科荣艾思特 / DECORUM EST
  • 史蒂夫. 查尔斯 / STEVE CHARLES
  • 大卫. 海沃德 / DAVID HAYWARD
  • 尼克·蒙罗 / NICK MUNRO
  • 飘纹达. 楠佳拉 / PALVINDER NANGLA
  • 丹尼. 达求敏 - 希尔 / DANNY DUQUEMIN-SHEIL
  • 科林·威尔逊 / COLIN WILSON
  • 罗兰徳. 鲍尔 / ROLAND BOAL
  • 缔姆·斯蒂芬斯 / TIM STEPHENS
  • 禄迪科集团 / THE LUDIC GROUP
  • 克莱门斯. 哈科 / CLEMENS HACKL
  • 尼古拉·索恩利 / NICOLA THORNLEY
  • 巴勃罗·维达尔 / PABLO VIDAL
  • 吴克刚 博士 / KEGANG WU

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