David Hayward

The ICFF 2011 in New York was a first for me and it was a very well presented and attended show. The attention to detail demonstrated by the BEDG was outstanding. The orders placed and contacts made were of a high calbre.

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Comment by Mai Therese Ørsted | 05.12.2007

BEDG has helped to marked my giftware in Germany and North America, without their set up and fair organization i wouldn’t have sold in so many markets so quickly. Now that my company has specialized in lighting i am looking forward to marked this new collection in the US and China.

Comment by Rahim Salam | 03.10.2007

I have exhibited a few times over the years with the BEDG and they are the best. The people who are involved are brilliant and so to are the designers. There is a real atmosphere of being part of a team, Friendships are easily born and I am pretty sure will last a very long time. A unique experience never forgotten.

Comment by Annette Taylor-Anderson | 02.10.2007

Maison et Objet, Sept was my first international show, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. What an experience! All positive feedbacks and great contacts. Thank you BEDG for making this possible, and I look forward to doing more shows with you.

Comment by Mark | 01.10.2007

It is great to see that there are still organisations out there like the BEDG that provide this kind of service for designers without charging huge "consultancy" fees. Thank you!