I have exhibited a few times over the years with the BEDG and they are the best. The people who are involved are brilliant and so to are the designers. There is a real atmosphere of being part of a team, Friendships are easily born and I am pretty sure will last a very long time. A unique experience never forgotten.

- Rahim Salam

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Company 3form Design
Biography We are a welcoming team of passionate skilled professionals. United at 3fD, we produce products that exceed our client's expectations. We provide stylish designs, manufacturable solutions and finished product, ensuring great ideas become great products.
Website http://www.3formdesign.com/
E-mail address ally@3formdesign.com
Street The Innovation Centre
Postal code SP10 3FG
City Andover
Country United Kingdom
Phone number +44 (0)1264 326306
Cell phone number 441264326306
First name Ally
Last name Le Sueur

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