Andrew Tanner

The BEDG is a unique organisation with a passion for design at the heart of their foundation. I have exhibited with the group over the last decade and the BEDG have, and continue to be, an integral support structure for my company and many others alike. Perhaps an unsung hero in the journey of the designer and maker but never to be underestimated for their strength, determination and vision in supporting emerging and established British talent.

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Tent London 2010
Bird flock system 02
Mr Easy Chair
Mr Easy chair and Sidekick Stool 01
Bird flock system 01
Company Vanja Bazdulj Design
Biography Vanja is an architect by training and is currently exploring furniture design. She is interested in creating playful and ambiguous designs and presenting alternative solutions to object creation in form, material and use.
E-mail address
Postal code E1 6SJ
City London
First name Vanja
Last name Bazdulj

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