Andrew Tanner

The BEDG is a unique organisation with a passion for design at the heart of their foundation. I have exhibited with the group over the last decade and the BEDG have, and continue to be, an integral support structure for my company and many others alike. Perhaps an unsung hero in the journey of the designer and maker but never to be underestimated for their strength, determination and vision in supporting emerging and established British talent.

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Company Country  
Daniel Spring Handmade Beds [uk] United Kingdom
Darkhorse creative [uk] United Kingdom
David Gould Designs [us] United States
DavidsofStoke [uk] United Kingdom
De Ferranti Ltd [uk] United Kingdom
Debbie Bryan Limited [uk] United Kingdom
DEbranded [uk] United Kingdom
DEESAWAT Industries Co., Ltd. [th] Thailand
demisteve arts [ng] Nigeria
Design by Martin Johnson [no] Norway
Design Pinnacle [us] United States
design USE Ltd  
designer,widianto utomo,  
DesignK [uk] United Kingdom
designshot [de] Germany
Desiree Hope [uk] United Kingdom
DevereuX [uk] United Kingdom
DH product design [de] Germany
Dominic Crinson [uk] United Kingdom